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Electives » W.E.B. (Where Everybody Belongs)

W.E.B. (Where Everybody Belongs)

If you are interested in joining W.E.B., please complete this form: W.E.B. Interest Form


PLEASE NOTE: W.E.B. is for incoming 8th graders (2023-24) ONLY!


WHAT IS WEB? WEB is a program that welcomes the 6th grade class on the first day of school as well as continues to support them throughout their first year of middle school. WEB Leaders have been identified as students at school who are kind, responsible, positive role models, possess leadership qualities, and most importantly, have a desire to give back to their school community. 

WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Being a WEB Leader is an important responsibility. In order to build the most effective program possible, WEB has a series of mandatory dates that all WEB Leaders must attend in order to be a WEB Leader. 

Please note that students do NOT need to sign up for the WEB Elective class in order to be a WEB Leader!

WHAT WILL THEY DO? It all starts with a Play Day this spring to start bringing the Leaders together and help them understand the mission of WEB, then a couple training days just before school opens up, then orientation, and then reconnecting throughout the school year so the 6th graders know that someone has their back.  WEB leaders will explore leadership skills including public speaking and group collaboration and take a central role in creating and running WEB events exclusive to 8th grade WEB leaders and MBMS 6th graders.


How Do I Become a WEB Leader? Interest Forms can be found HERE or on students' 7th Grade Google Classroom. Hard copies can be found in the 7th grade Counselor's office or the Main Office.

Mandatory WEB Events 

Spring Play Day - Date TBD 

WEB Leader Training, Day 1:  Monday August 14th 8-1pm 

WEB Leader Training, Day 2:  Tuesday August 15th 8-1pm

6th Grade Orientation Day(s): Thursday August 17th 7-1pm and/or Friday August 18th 7-1pm

If you have any questions, you can email Mrs. Galbraith, Counselor on Special Assignment for Student Success, at [email protected]


Mr. Beaudin Ms. Galbraith

        Mr. Beaudin                      Ms. Galbraith