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Nutrition and Lunch

Please note that unlike the Elementary Schools menu, middle school menus do not change monthly.

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Nutrition is a fifteen-minute period designed to allow students a chance to take a break and eat a snack. Students may either bring a snack from home or get a snack from one of the carts located in the quad or at the cafe windows located on the east side of the school. No students are allowed in the P.E. area during nutrition.

Lunch is thirty-five minutes. A variety of healthy and nutritious items are available daily. After students have finished their lunches, they may have access to the basketball courts, volleyball courts, and athletic fields. With the exception of water, no food or drinks are allowed on the blacktop or athletic fields. It is very important that students clean up after themselves and help each other keep our campus clean.

Food and drinks are to be consumed in the lower level plaza and lunch shelter areas only. All garbage and trash must be placed in the cans provided. No food is allowed in hallways, anywhere upstairs, on the volleyball or basketball courts, or in the P. E. area.

It is always recommended that students pack their own nutritious lunch in reusable containers. This helps students avoid having to wait in long lines and allows them more time during lunch and nutrition to relax with friends or, at lunch, play on the field and blacktop. Students are also encouraged to bring bottles of water which they may drink during class.