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Electives » Yearbook


Mr. LevyYearbook is a class in which students focus on techniques used to report on events throughout the year. To produce our award-winning yearbook, The Tidal Wave, students will learn design principles, how to use digital tools to create page layouts, and how to create a chronicle of a year at MBMS. Students will also be responsible for creating and maintaining a school news website. They will learn the fundamentals of interviewing, reporting, and photojournalism as well as copy editing, pitching features and stories, and various related skills.


A fun and engaging class full of leadership opportunities, Yearbook is nonetheless a challenging and advanced elective. Students will be responsible for a real publication that people purchase and read. Students should not sign up for Yearbook unless they are ready to work hard, commit extra time outside of class, and accept responsibility for their work. This is not a class where students just get to hang out with their friends and take pictures!


To be eligible for Yearbook, students must complete and submit a short application which will help evaluate their readiness for an advanced class. To download a copy of the application, please click the following link: Yearbook Application.

For more information, contact Mr. Levy in Room 119, [email protected].