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This elective option is an opportunity for students to participate in a mix of different classes through the school year (one each trimester). Each class is taught by a different teacher. With this option, students are placed in the wheel and the classes are assigned. Choosing specific classes within the wheel is not an option.

Exploratory Wheel

This wheel focuses on humanities-based classes which may include introductory classes in the visual and performing arts. Classes may also include life skills classes, history and appreciation classes, and other creative classes. Each Wheel collection is decided in August and students will discover which collection of Wheel classes they've received when they receive their schedules in August.

Possible wheel classes may include Art in Math, Careers, Coding, Photography, Public Speaking, etc.


For more information regarding our Exploratory Wheel elective, please email Mr. Levy at [email protected].

STEM Wheel

This wheel was created to encourage student interest in Science and Technology and is offered to all 7th and 8th graders. In twelve-week blocks, students participate in three different classes throughout the course of the school year.  Students will participate in the following classes: Introduction to STEM, Marine Biology, and FabLab. 


Introduction to STEM is an introductory course to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Under the guidelines of the engineering design process, students engage in problem-solving. Students also design, plan and build prototypes to come up with creative solutions in a variety of scenarios, both individual and group, as they practice collaboration and communication.


The Marine Biology Class is an introduction to oceanography, including the chemical, geographical, and biological features of the world’s oceans. Students will learn about human reliance on the ocean today and in the past, as well as seawater chemistry, tides, waves and tsunamis, classification of marine invertebrates and vertebrates, and human impacts.


FabLab focuses on creating with technology. The class is designed to allow for student creativity in product development and innovation with household items. Students use specific technology elements such as video game design, Bloxels, and understanding circuits with Little Bits.  Students use their knowledge to build and design their own projects in a hands-on environment.


Our STEM Wheel is taught by our talented team of STEM teachers (pictured below).

From left to right: Ms. Kamal, Ms. Petruescu, and Ms. Perez

Mrs. KamalMs. PetruescuMs. Perez


For more information regarding our STEM Wheel elective, please email Ms. Sanchez at [email protected].