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Program » PBIS - Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies

PBIS - Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies

What is PBIS?

PBIS (Positive Behavior Incentive System) is an international movement, rooted in instruction and data, working towards proactive behavior correction instead of reactive behavior correction. Positive rewards are given immediately for students demonstrating correct behavior and those students showing improvements

Middle school is an important and dynamic time to make a positive imprint on our students and we strive to foster an environment of positive behavior through all facets of student life on campus. From classroom learning to interactions between classes, programs and training, we are always looking for ways to proactively reinforce students who demonstrate the positive behavior, as well as reward those showing improvement. As part of this program, students at MBMS earn tickets they are able to “spend.” Offering choice and power truly makes a difference in a student’s desire to make the right choices, both in and out of the classroom. PBIS incentives include water bottles, snacks, drinks, classroom privileges, homework passes, Kona Ice, Taco Truck, lunch time activities, etc. Additionally, all programs run at MBMS (grade wide assemblies and celebrations, orientation programs, student government, social emotional wellness programs) reinforce the importance of demonstrating correct behavior and in some instances also teach these behaviors (leadership development training, Second Step).  At MBMS our PBIS programs are critical to creating a positive and respectful environment for our students.