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Welcome to the MBMS Attendance page! Click here to report an absence.

Consistent attendance and in-class participation directly impact student success. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that students who attend school regularly and on time achieve at higher levels than students who do not have regular attendance. Additionally, students who regularly attend school feel connected with their peers, teachers, and the school community, which benefits their overall social-emotional wellbeing.  

MBMS is committed to cultivating exemplary attendance habits by implementing District and State policies. To learn more about the school’s attendance protocols please refer to the links and information below:


Attendance Policies at a Glance

Every day your child is absent, the Manhattan Beach Unified School District (MBUSD) loses $64. The state funds for the daily attendance of students and we are NOT paid when your child is absent from school for any reason. We are currently projected to lose approximately $2.7M due to absences. If your child needs to be out of school, please seriously consider providing MBUSD with a voluntary contribution of $64 for each day your child is absent. You can contribute the $64/day by dropping off a check at the front office.

  • When a student needs to be out, parents have 3 days to report a reason for the absence.

  • An unreported absence is classified as a truancy.

  • An unexcused absence is classified as a truancy. The state provides clear parameters as to what constitutes an excused absence (family trips are unexcused). 

  • The school is required by law to send truancy letters to families when a student reaches 3 unexcused absences.

  • Independent study may be an option for students who need to be out for 3 or more consecutive days and is a way for students to earn attendance credit by completing school work while they are out for a planned absence.  Please note that independent study needs to be requested 2 weeks in advance of a planned absence.

Questions? Feel free to contact the attendance office or attendance administrator at any time for assistance.

Vice Principal Katie Cavallaro: [email protected]