Here are some quick reminders: School starts Wednesday, August 26th at 8:10 am - No late start! There will be zero period on Wednesday, August 26th    Please get re-acquainted with our school calendar here on this site.  The start of the school year is very hectic. Back to School Night 9/8/15, 5:00-7:45. Are you signed up to receive the Weekly Wave, our weekly school newsletter? ...
6:00 pm in the MPR Parents are welcome to attend iPad training basics and to also ask questions about the iPad program.  Please bring your students iPad. Remember to remove the lock on the iPad before attending or know your students 4-digit code.  
5:00-5:20 MPR - Meet John Jackson at the Administrator's Reception. 5:20-6:00 MPR - PTA Meeting. 6:00-7:45 pm Classroom visits. 7:45 pm parent orientation for GATE in the MPR Back to School Night is an exciting evening: 1. Meet John at the Administrator's Reception - MPR 2. Join the first of two PTA meetings this year in the MPR immediately before classroom visits.  Get to know PTA plans for the year, meet your PTA board. 3. Visit your student's classrooms as their teachers tell you about their...
Please click here to view all of the registration checklists, mailer documents and purchasing links.
Young at Art is looking for parent docents, parent YAA lesson helpers, and/or behind the scenes volunteers.  No art experience necessary! 6th grade classes (all six projects) are taught during Humanities block. 7th and 8th grade classes (only three projects) are taught during English class. If you are interested, please contact Sarah Mullen.    
8th Grade Parents: Help your kids make U.S. History come alive! Veteran MBMS teacher Rachel Thomas takes kids on a civics focused private field trip to Washington, D.C. with the Close-Up Foundation, a non-profit educational program that boasts 9 U.S. Congressmen and 2 Cabinet members as alumni. For more information, go to or check out the program at
The Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce is taking applications from aspiring entrepreneurs for the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!), which runs from October 2015-May 2016. This is a national program that teaches business skills to 6th-12th graders, provides them with mentors, and then helps kids establish their own legal business entities. For more information go to For information on the national YEA!...
The MBMS PTA Nominating Committee presents the PTA Executive Board slate for the 2015-2016 school year as follows: Co-President - Kristi Knowles Co-President - Co-VP Fundraising - Tracy Stickney Co-VP Fundraising     - Nicole Hirshberg Co-VP Membership - Mickie Kingston Co-VP Membership - Sandi Nerad Co-VP Volunteers - Co-VP Volunteers - VP Communications - Julie Johnson VP Programs - Erin Gordon Grady VP Programs - Michelle Collins Technology - Jen Berlinger Treasurer - Amy McAvin Financial...
Wednesday, August 26, 2015
Here are some quick reminders: School starts Wednesday, August 26th at 8:10 am - No late start! There will be zero period on Wednesday, August 26th    Please get re-acquainted with our school calendar here on this site.  The start of the school year is very hectic. Back to School Night 9/8/15, 5:00...
State testing is right around the corner.  Last year all the schools in the state piloted the new Common Core technology based test. This year we will be taking the actual test.  Our 6th graders will be testing March 23rd through March 27th in their Humanities classes.  The school will not be on a... read more
Dear Parents- It seems like several times a year I am asked to write some type of reminder about fundraising for some important cog in the wheel of MBUSD’s educational foundation.  Sometimes these musings are humorous, sometimes touching, sometimes factual, but always heartfelt and genuine.  This... read more
There is so much happening at MBMB, I wanted to make sure everyone was up to date with our calendar and other important information.  Please go to to keep up with all the latest school and community information. There has been a confirmed... read more
WELCOME BACK!  What a wonderful opening day.  It was so nice to see the students back on campus.  I want to thank Regina Schroeder and the PTA for organizing all the volunteers to help with the opening of school.  A wise man once told me it's not how one handles success, but how one handles... read more
A MESSAGE FROM MR. JACKSONBoy, how time flies.  It seems like yesterday I was welcoming the 6th graders to MBMS and today I am saying goodbye to the 8th graders. It has been a great ride.  I hope you all had as much fun this year as I did.  It takes a lot of dedicated people to make a great school... read more
LOCKDOWN DRILL. On Tuesday, April 29, 2014, as part of our ongoing safety training, MBMS will be participating in a lockdown drill  involving several city agencies including the Police and Fire Departments.   At around 9:00 am we will begin the drill by calling 911 and having all the students and... read more
School safety has always been a concern.  The earliest report of a school shooting occurred in 1764, so this is not a 21st century phenomena. There have been school shooting throughout history.   Since the year 2000 there have been 133 School shooting incidents in United States. These incidences... read more
SEVERAL YEARS AGO we started a new event at MBMS. If you have ever talked to me about events at MBMS, you would know I consider 6th grade Family Swing Night the best event here. I love activities that keep families involved with their middle school children's lives. I also love that it is cross-... read more
FIRST, A MESSAGE FROM THE PRINCIPAL The first trimester is almost over.  This year has been a year of firsts.  First and foremost, it is the first year of PowerSchool.  This communication tool will be an amazing asset once everyone figures out all the ways to use it; this includes teachers,... read more
 A WORD ABOUT POWER SCHOOL. Many of you are now on PowerSchool, and you have told me that you appreciate knowing what is going on. Kudos to our teachers for learning it and taking the time to get the information you need out to you. But if I may, let me advise you on how we as parents can use this... read more


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