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What is MBEF?

The Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF) is a community driven fundraising organization, which supplements state funding for programs that inspire learning, enrich teaching, and promote innovation and academic excellence in the public schools of Manhattan Beach.

Donations to the Manhattan Beach Education Foundation (MBEF) have allowed the Foundation to grant nearly $5.8 million to MBUSD schools for the 2016-2017 school year. In all, donations pay the salaries of 70 educators – salaries of 70 educators – a cost that’s a significant part of our School District’s budget – at the seven public schools in Manhattan Beach.

At MBMS, the MBEF grants pay for guidance and academic support from grade level counselors, smaller class sizes for more personalized attention, a teacher leader to support the transition to Next Generation Science Standards; valuable time with our librarian, Mr. Naves; a teacher leader and coach in Math; a diverse selection of electives, including STEM and the arts; extra period classes to allow for Vice Principal, Ms. Parker, to support the social and emotional health of our students, and so much more.

• Watch our Annual Appeal video here.
• Find out more about how we help our schools here.
• Educate yourself on California school financing issues here.
• Learn more here about our school district.
• Ask your site reps Madeleine Court and Jill Levine.

• We ask every family to support MBEF, because every student benefits from the programs MBEF funds. The suggested donation is $1750 per student – please give what you can. 
• Pledge or Donate today. There are options for setting up monthly installments for your donation or even donating stock.

• Request an MBEF Yard Sign to demonstrate your support to friends and neighbors.
• Proudly display your magnet on your car once you receive it in the mail acknowledging your donation.
• Volunteer to be an ambassador to MBEF.
Like our MBEF Facebook page. We post lots of educational articles, events around town and more.

For more information on MBEF, please go to or call 310-303-3342.