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FAQs by parents about MBMS

Who is the “go to” person for everyday stuff? That would be Helen in the front office. If interested, add the phone number to your contact list: 310.545.4878, ext 4. Everyone must check in and out of the office when visiting the campus.

What is the daily schedule? Students have a 7-period day that starts at 8:10. Some opt to enroll in “zero period” which has a 7:20 start. All students are dismissed at 3:00. To ease drop-off and pick-up, carpooling is recommended. All classes are 44 minutes long with a 5-minute passing period to move from class to class. Nutrition is a 15-minute break at 10:37, when food carts are available. Lunch is at 12:30 for 6th graders and at 12:45 for 7th and 8th graders. All students take the same core academic classes which include English, Science, Social Science, Math and PE. For sixth graders, Humanities is a three-period block composed of Reading, Writing and Social Science.

When is Late Start? Every Wednesday, school begins at 9:00 to accommodate faculty meetings. Zero Period classes do not meet on late start days.

How often do parents get report cards? Three times per year. Progress Reports are issued at the halfway point of each trimester and Report Cards go out at the end. Additionally, grades are posted regularly on Aeries.

What do they do for PE? PE activities rotate every 4-5 weeks. Units in PE that may be offered include paddle tennis, soccer, swimming, ping-pong, badminton and hockey, along with “Run Day” every Wednesday (weather permitting), when the kids jog/walk through beautiful Polliwog Park.

What class electives are there? There are the Wheel options, along with multiple choices for band, orchestra and choir. 7th & 8th graders have student council (ASB), journalism, yearbook, drama and STEM electives (science, technology, engineering and math). Eighth graders also have the option of being a teacher’s assistant, enrolling in advanced art, or taking Surf PE instead of regular PE.

What are the volunteer opportunities for the parents? Lunch Supervision and Scholar Quiz Helpers are our biggest need. A full list of opportunities is available on this website. Let the VP of Volunteers know you'd like to help in two easy steps: Select, then Submit! Click here to get involved at school.

What are the safety procedures? The entire school district has the same systems in place. In case of an emergency you will be contacted by automated phone call to your home, cell phone, and e-mail on file. For this reason, please make sure your contact information is accurate and complete.

Are there after school programs? There are clubs, art classes and a variety of options sporadically through the year. For additional after-school activities, MBMS students can walk to the Teen Center at Manhattan Heights operated by the City of Manhattan Beach Parks and Recreation Dept.

What team sport opportunities are there? Teams with tryouts include flag football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, baseball, softball and volleyball. All students are welcome to join cross country, water polo, tennis, track and field. Normally there is an “A” team for 8th graders and a “B” team for 6th and 7th.

What is a “Snapcard?” It is a plastic card much like a credit card that is used to purchase food. It is directly linked to your child’s Nutrikids account. When the account balance falls to a certain level, you will receive a notice to put more money on it. To receive this notice you must check the appropriate box on the Nutrikids website. Yes, your student’s Nutrikids balance from elementary school will carry over to the MBMS Snapcard.

Why is the food at MBMS always such a popular topic of discussion? Because it is really good; there are many options. Students can buy food at Nutrition if breakfast doesn’t hold them. They can buy cold or hot meals everyday. Needless to say, many children bring a lunch from home.

What lunch activities are there? There are clubs, going to the library, paddle tennis on the courts, soccer on the field, and handball on the wall. It takes a few weeks for students to assess their options.

Where do I drop off and pick up my child? The main access for cars is in front of the school off of Redondo Street. However, you will see within the first few days that there are alternatives. Students who walk to the campus have access from Herrin Street and also by using a crosswalk in front of the school at 15th Street.

What is the dress code? Refer to the online Handbook within the “Students” tab of the school website. 

How do I access the website? Go to You are here!

How is bullying handled at MBMS? Every student has the right to come to school without feeling threatened or fearful. Encourage your child to report any bulling incident to the staff on campus to ensure that it is addressed and resolved. Reported incidents will be investigated and taken seriously.

Are there lockers? There are PE lockers for the uniforms (shoes and deodorant optional). Your child might want to practice using a three-numbered combination lock. Otherwise, there are no lockers on campus so the students carry their belongings everywhere.

When is Registration/Orientation? Initial Registration for the 2012-13 year is May 14-15, with schedules provided for each elementary school. An additional Registration/Orientation event will be on August 23rd from 9:00-11:00 for incoming 6th graders. Students will have their school ID photos taken and receive class schedules and teacher assignments. Parents normally attend this event with their kids. You will receive a checklist for picking up PE uniforms and planners, joining the PTA, supporting MBEF, and buying MBMS or Costa gear if desired.