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Event Date: 
May 23 2017 to June 2 2017

Congratulations to Scholar Quiz 2017 champions! This 8th grade team emerged victorious in a very exciting match against the other finalist team.

A whopping 656 students participated in this year’s Scholar Quiz -- representing nearly half of all MBMS students. Well worth mentioning are the countless demonstrations of good sportsmanship amongst the students, who won
and lost their matches with grace, thanked readers and parent volunteers, and cheered each other on during the 7-day tournament.  Congrats to all those who exemplified the Scholar Quiz spirit.

Tremendous thanks to Ms. Linz and the MBMS staff who support Scholar Quiz wholeheartedly, as well as to our wonderful ASB for their assistance delivering lunches and publicizing quiz activities to the students. We are deeply grateful to The Study Hut, who generously sponsors Scholar Quiz and provides the awesome t-shirts to the top 32 teams. Finally, sincere gratitude goes out to all the parent volunteers who helped the matches run smoothly. All of these people make Scholar Quiz the great success that it is!

The Scholar Quiz Committee looks forward to another fantastic competition in 2018!