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Worried about increasing "Screen Time?"

Karina Gerger, Teacher on Special Assignment 21st Century Teaching and Learning for our school district, shared this insightful article about parent concerns related a 1:1 iPad Initiative.

Summary points by Dr. Mike Matthews are:

  • This iPad program is new. Although it is exciting, and it is the direction we should be going, it will not be easy. There will be change, there will be things done well the first time, and there will be practices that just don’t work. It will get better with time.
  • Teachers and parents need to be clear on what kind of activities will be expected to be done on the iPad. Teachers should initiate this, and parents should ask questions if they are not clear.
  • Parents have the right, and the responsibility, to limit screen time.
  • If your child is using the iPad too much for games, then you should take those games off of the iPad. If your child is using games as a entertainment and is doing all school work and other responsibilities well, then it can be a great reward.
  • Homework, including homework with the iPad, should be done in an area in the house that is NOT AN ISOLATED AREA.
  • Check in once or twice with your child to see what he/she is doing on the iPad. You can double-click the home button to see what apps are in use.
  • Set a time limit, and at that time, the iPad goes into the charger for the night.