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Please Donate Bandaids

From MBMS student Teddy G:
Please help us collect bandaids for Tolerance. This bandaid project is in conjunction with the Freedom Writer Foundation. The goal is to collect 1.5 million bandaids and to use these bandaids to discuss tolerance with our children. The bandaids represent children that perished in the Holocaust, the name of a child who died will be put on the bandaids and once the goal of 1.5 million is reached, they will be displayed in the Museum of Tolerance. We are doing this in conjunction with a school in Sacramento, so far (they have been collecting for 10 years),  they have 900,000. We need 600,000 more. Bandaids come in every shape, size and color just like children and they promote healing.  If you can, have your child bring a box of bandaids to Mr. Levy's room (119). There are boxes placed in his room and they are marked by grade. This is a great opportunity for MBMS to be part of something big and meaningful. For questions or more info, please contact Liz Glozman.