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Manhattan Beach Middle School Families Connected Update

We hope by now you have visited our site and found it valuable. We update our information so that we continue to provide a comprehensive place to go to check out all resources related to health and wellness for our middle school children.  We have added info on vaping and tobacco use, as well as a list of all of the upcoming parent ed opportunities available to the MBMS community.  In addition, there is a wealth of articles, blogs, and community events on the website.  Click here for a direct link to our calendar.   If you haven't visited us recently, check it out by clicking here or pasting this link into your browser  
Even though we all may parent differently, we need each other and we need to stay connected to keep our kids safe! This is a place to come to feel like you are not alone in saying “no” to your children, especially when they may say, “all the other parents are letting their kids do it”.  Furthermore, our goal is not to judge each other, but to just back each other up, support each other and share information.

Please feel free to contact either of us with questions or ideas that you may have for our MBMS families connected!
Liz Glozman
Lisa Hardimon