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Vocal Music Program

The MBMS Vocal Music Program

The MBMS Choral program consists of five choirs that are all year-long electives

  • The Mermaid Chorus for beginning female singers (no audition necessary)
  • The Neptune Chorus for beginning male singers (no audition necessary)
  • The Seaside Chorale for intermediate male and female singers in 7-8th grades
  • The Senior Wave Chorale for advanced male and female singers in grades 7-8
  • The Madrigal Singers - An advanced auditioned chamber group that meets after school, for singers already a part of the MBMS choirs that meet during the school day.

In choir, students sing as a choir and give performances that are the outcome of their music studies. Students are guided through activities designed to improve their musicianship skills through learning to read the pitches, rhythms, and score markings in their music.

There is an emphasis on five areas of vocal technique: posture, breath control, diction, expression, resonant tone, and vocal health. Students are introduced to singing in a variety of languages, and periods, and work on showing the appropriate facial expressions to express the texts they are singing.

Additionally, all students will learn to sing several solo songs, and will have the opportunity to give a solo performance during the MBMS Solo Vocal Festival. The goal of the choir class is to build healthy vocal technique, musicianship, and performance skills, and to HAVE FUN!

Music that is age and level appropriate is selected for each choir. In these choirs students learn about their changing voices and develop confidence regarding their singing skills.

Performances include (but are not limited too) a Winter Concert, Spring Concert, Solo Vocal Festival, a Pops Concert and more!

Exploratory Music

Exploratory music is a twelve week class that part of the elective wheel for 6th graders at MBMS. In this course, students explore music through singing, playing percussion instruments, learning basic musicianship, and learning about the music from various historical periods and cultures. Students are exposed to various categories of music including the history of rock and roll, and may touch upon some musical theater, jazz and opera. Additionally they interact with written music and experience the elements of score reading necessary to play or sing a piece of music.

Emphasis is placed on building healthy vocal technique and musicianship skills. Students are encouraged to join performing music ensembles including our middle school instrumental and vocal ensembles.

Heather Gold

Vocal and Exploratory Music

Manhattan Beach Middle School